For your best service, has incorporated many alternative Payment Methods, which you can choose to pay for your purchases, as long as their selection is activated on the checkout page (Cashier) just before confirmation. your order. The activation of the respective Payment Method depends on various factors such as the shipping method, the delivery address, the value of the order, etc.

Cash payment

 The customer can pay the sale price and other agreed charges and cash charges. Cash can be paid:

  • or directly to the COMPANY, when the customer selects "Collection from the Store",
  •  or by Deposit in one of the following bank accounts of the COMPANY:
    • Piraeus Bank: Main Beneficiary: MEGAHOME IKE GR26 0172 2700 0052 7009 9523 617

In any case, Cash Payment must always be made in accordance with the following terms:

  1. For a price up to € 99.99 and for products in stock, payment either upon receipt if the customer selects "Collection from the Store" or before shipment to any other option.
  2. For a price up to € 99.99 and for products that are subject to processing or are not in stock and must be ordered exclusively for the service of the CUSTOMER order, payment of the full price in advance.
  3. For a price of € 100 and over, a deposit of 50% and the remaining 50% either upon receipt if the customer selects "Collection from the Store" or before sending to any other option.
  4. For a price of € 500 and over, according to Law 4446/2016 No. 69 §2, the Cash Payment upon Receipt from the Store and the Cash on Payment are not eligible.
  5. In any case, your order will not be sent or will not start where a deposit is required, until the amount appears in the company's account.


Payment by Credit or Debit card

The customer can pay the sale price and other agreed charges and charges by credit (Visa, Mastercard, Diners and American Express) or debit or prepaid card issued by a recognized Greek or foreign Bank, which is accepted by ETA for transaction. Payment is made in a lump sum or with interest-free installment charges, from 1 to 12, depending on the amount.

Possibility of interest-free installments via credit card

Specifically, the customer can benefit from the interest-free installment plan provided that the sale price is of a total value of € 50.01 and above and the installments are offered at the customer's choice according to the following scale:

  1. For a price of up to € 50 once in 1 installment
  2. For a price of € 50.01- € 90 up to 2 interest-free installments
  3. For a price of € 90.01- € 160 up to 3 interest-free installments
  4. For a price of € 160.01- € 250 up to 4 interest-free installments
  5. For a price of € 250.01- € 360 up to 5 interest-free installments
  6. For a price of € 360.01- € 560 up to 6 interest-free installments
  7. For a price of € 560.01- € 800 up to 7 interest-free installments
  8. For a price of € 800.01- € 1080 up to 8 interest-free installments
  9. For a price of € 1080.01- € 1500 up to 9 interest-free installments
  10. For a price of € 1500.01- € 2200 up to 10 interest-free installments
  11. For a price of € 2200.01- € 3000 up to 11 interest-free installments
  12. For a price of € 3000 and over up to 12 interest-free installments


The debit of the credit card is made after the verification and certification of the data and its validity during the approval and acceptance of the order by the COMPANY that implies the preparation of the sale (the charge can be made then even if one or some of the items are not immediately available and must be ordered from suppliers). The customer is solely responsible for the correct recording and truth of the credit card details and the COMPANY does not bear any responsibility in case of error.

Payment via PayPal 

By selecting Payment through PAYPAL, the customer is directed to the secure page offered for this purpose in order to make the payment securely by debiting his card (credit or debit) or directly to his bank account. The PAYPAL page uses encryption in the data and data requested by the customer, thus minimizing any risk. We note here that our company is not involved in the payment process once the customer is taken to the secure page of PAYPAL and does not keep any of the information that will be requested there.

Loan payment in interest-bearing installments

The customer can repay the sale price and the other agreed charges and charges, if the total of these exceeds € 500 and in any case not € 30,000, with a consumer-personal loan product that he can request and receive from each cooperating with the COMPANY Bank with the terms that are addressed in the relevant application and based on the annual interest rate and the lending policies that these Banks apply at the time of submitting the application. The loan application process begins through the online store in which the customer declares his desire to apply for a loan and is completed at the COMPANY headquarters.

Possibility to choose the number of installments

  1. For a price of € 500- € 6,000 from 6 to 48 installments
  2. For a price of € 6,001- € 30,000 from 6 to 60 installments

The application is prepared in the physical store and is duly transmitted and the approval of the loan application of the customer is left solely to the control and evaluation of the partner Bank, and the COMPANY assumes no responsibility and no commitment for the control criteria and evaluation, or in the event of rejection of the application. The customer must submit absolutely true and accurate data and documents based on the lending policy applied by the Banks. In case of approval of the loan, the product of the loan is available directly for the repayment of the price or part of it depending on the agreement with the COMPANY.

According to Law L.4446 / 2016 article 69 § 2 “The tax data of a total value of five hundred (500) euros and over, issued for the sale of goods or services to individuals, are paid by their recipients, buyers of goods or services , exclusively with the use of card payment methods or other electronic means of payment, such as indicative other non-restrictive bank transfer, payment through payment account, use of electronic wallet. These items may not be paid in cash. " Therefore orders over 500 euros including taxes and other charges must be paid in the above ways.